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[WMatsui Oneshot] Even If That Flower Were To Wither


A longer WMatsui oneshot from me. This time I tried approaching a somewhat different genre that I had been wanting to write for a long time. I hope it’s enjoyable :3

I’ll make use of this opportunity to advertise my other WMatsui fics and my Twitter account. Feel free to drop me a line!


Disbelievingly I witnessed the scene in front of me.

Rena was hunched over the lifeless body, keeping it in death grip and clinging to it as if her whole life depended on it. Her shoulders were trembling and one could easily tell that she was crying. My girlfriend and whole purpose in the world was crying and I felt my own heart break into two at the sight. There was literally nothing more unsettling to me than watching a loved one suffer and I had to swallow hard to prevent myself from joining her. Between her frantic sobs merely a single clear word reached my ears.


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[WMatsui Fanfic] Kataomoi At Last: Chapter 5 (Complete)


Chapter 5 is going to wrap up the short series. Thank you to everyone who stayed with me during this! As a newcomer to fanfic writing I felt that I could improve a lot and that I learned a lot about how to plan out my writing. For now I’m also happy to focus on other WMatsui fic ideas that cross my mind. _φ(・ω・)

Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Chapter 5


In a state of paralyzation she only managed to turn her head.

It was Rena. And judging from the look on her face the truth had begun to sink in. She felt her mind go numb.

How could she have been so foolish? How could she ever believe she would get away with her games if only she denied it long enough? She wanted to think that there could be a peaceful way out for them. Secretly she had even hoped that she wouldn’t hurt Rena even more than she already did.

How ridiculous of her. How disgusting.

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Nice ending~ >< Keep on writing~ 

努力は必ず報われる。そうちゃん〜: Annin's uneasiness with people.


Annin’s mobame:
3:00 p.m.

Subject: らぶずっきゅん∩ω∩* LoveZukkyun∩ω∩*

March 7th (Thursday)

if I meet with people’s eye sight in the city
I just look away at the speed of light (laughs)

But some…


Chapter 2: Change of Plans

A/N: Hello guys, here I’m with a chapter of Lonely road, sadly this chapter is boring -.-” I wanted to go to the fun part of the story but unfortunately I can’t avoid the boring parts, I hope for you guys enjoy this chapter, most of you probably will know what will happen on the next chapter when finish this one ;D

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